How to configure the BBox-2 modem (Sagem F@st 3464) in bridge mode

If you are living in Belgium and you have internet from Belgacom, Scarlet or EDPNET, you might be the (un)happy user of their VDSL2 modem called BBox-2, which is actually a Sagem F@st 3464 in a different case.
It is using a PPPoE connection to get the dynamic WAN IP. Belgacom is usually updating the IP once every 3 days.

BBox-2 VDSL2 modemSagem F@st 3464 VDSL2 modem

If you have your own router, or you are planning to buy one and you need features like Dynamic DNS, port forwardingVPN server, FTP or other types of home-hosted servers, you need to bypass the modem’s wan connection by putting it in bridge mode and make the PPPoE connection directly on your router. In this post I will refer to BBox-2 as “the modem” and your own router as “the router”.

Preparatory steps:

  1. Connect your router’s WAN port to the BBox-2 modem’s 1st LAN port (PC1);
  2. The modem’s DHCP server starts to assign IPs starting with, so you need to check the configuration of your router’s LAN DHCP server to be different (for example set IP Pool Starting Address to and IP Pool Ending Address to;
  3. Set your router to have a static WAN ip and set it to At this moment if you try to connect to the web interface through your browser, at will be the modem and at will be your router. This way you will be able to have access to the modem after you set it up as bridge;
  4. [Optional] Deactivate your BBox2’s WiFi if you don’t need it;
  5. Keep your PPPoE internet connection credentials close. (ex: un1234@BELGACOM).

Steps to make the modem work in bridge mode:

  1. Connect to your BBox-2 through your browser (;
  2. Go to Advanced Settings and then select Network Interfaces;
  3. Select Wan PPPoE, click on Disable button, then OK;
  4. Select Wan PPPoE again, go to Settings > Underlying Connection and select LAN Bridge;
  5. Delete the username (Login User Name (case sensitive)) to stop the modem retry to connect every 30 seconds;
  6. Uncheck “Internet Connection Firewall” and click Apply; (the modem might reboot)
  7. Connect to your router through your browser (;
  8. Change the WAN connection type from Static IP to PPPoE and write the username and password provided by your internet provider. The router will connect to internet and will get the IP provided by your ISP.

You are now able to set-up dynamic DNS directly on your router (BBox-2 modem works only with DynDNS which is not free any more) and forward ports to your self-hosted services.
Other services like Belgacom TV and I-Talk should continue to work.

Here are two schemas of “before” and “after” setting the modem in bridge mode:

BBox-2 in bridge mode schema

BBox-2 in bridge mode schema

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