Useful applications and Optware packages that I run on my Asus RT-AC68U router

This is a list of scripts and Optware packages I am currently running on my Asus RT-AC68U router:

  • nano – pico like text editor (ipkg install nano)
  • vim – text editor (ipkg install  vim)nano is easier to use
  • htop – an interactive process viewer (ipkg install htop)
  • atop – a better top with history monitoring (ipkg install atop)htop works better and offers more information
  • mc – Midnight Commander File Manager (ipkg install mc)
  • transmission – Lightweight BitTorrent client and daemon, with web interface bundled (How to install transmission for Optware on Asus RT-AC68U router)

These scripts and Optware packages I am planning to install:

  • Adblocking script
  • P2Partisan mass IP blocking script
  • Ipkg-web utility too much of a mess to set it up. It will break more then it will fix.
  • Syslog-ng utility (+ libol support library) + logrotate; cannot be used with RT-AC68U, as the default syslogd cannot be deactivated.
  • metalog – Modern, highly configurable syslogd replacement; cannot be used with RT-AC68U, as the default syslogd cannot be deactivated.

A list of all Optware packages, sources and dependencies (not all of them are useful or compatible with RT-AC68U).


18 thoughts on “Useful applications and Optware packages that I run on my Asus RT-AC68U router

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    • I do not understand exactly your need, but I use Putty with SSH instead of Telnet and it works perfectly. I connect to my router from both inside the network and from outside without any problems.
      What I recommend is reconfigure the ports, because if you use the default ports, there are spyders (usualy from China) which are scanning those ports constantly.

  2. I have just bought the router but i can’t connect to it through ssh. In web interface i only get the option to activate telnet server. From where you activate ssh server? Thank you.

      • Thanks. I think that i will give it a try. i Have 2 questions: does the Merlin FW updates from router web page (like asus does) and when you first flash it does it retain configuration? Thx.

        • The router with merlin firmware does not do automatic updates, so you have to manually update it yourself. When you install for the first time the merlin firmware is recommended you reset the settings of your router, but afterwards the settings will be kept.

          • I have just installed the latest version. Great FW, thx for the tip. Only one thing scares me, the indicated CPU temperature is 90C !!! Whats you reading. Thanks.

          • Yours it’s a bit too hot. Try to put the router in a cooler environment.

            Here is mine:
            2.4 GHz: 53°C – 5 GHz: 55°C – CPU: 80°C

            CPU Load Average (1, 5, 15 mins)
            0.30, 0.08, 0.08

  3. Now it is running constantly at 95°C. If i revert to stock FW i will be unable to check the temperature … I have read on another forum that the broadcomm chip is rated at 130°C but the user does not provide any kind of proof. Could it be possible?

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